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Предавање Alanа Nielsenа у суботу 02.09. у 11 часова

У организацији Лабораторије за неурокогницију и примењену когницију, у суботу, 2. септембра, у 11 часова, у Свечаној сали Филозофског факултета, Alan Nielsen, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, одржаће предавање:

From "small" vowels to Big Data- Exploring the 5Ws of Iconicity Research

In this talk I will briefly explore several ongoing streams of my research: WHAT does it mean for a word to be iconic? WHO benefits from iconicity? WHERE can we find iconic words, both developmentally and crosslinguistically? HOW are crossmodal associations related to iconic associations observed in languages? The projects I will cover run the gamut from experimental investigations of learning, through agent-based Bayesian models of language acquisition, all the way to convolutional neural networks (Deep Learning) that attempt to explain synesthetic associations between letters and colors. Throughout, I make the case that these approaches all have strengths, but can best be used complementarily - when each can generate predictions that can be tested with the others.