Cognitive Dynamics and Cognitive Significance

Vojislav Božičković

Година издања: 2007 .
Формат (цм): 23 цм
Број страна: 198

This book deals with the problem of belief retention concerning spatio temporal particulars as well as places and days. It is centred around Frege’s famous ‘today’/ ‘yesterday’ claim which has created a lot of controversy as to whether his remarks about indexicals can be accommodated by his general sense/reference framework. The author argues that it can and that in the indexical case Frege has embraced a different sense/reference framework from the one associated with the non-indexical expressions such as definite descriptions. In line with this, a solution to the problem of cognitive dynamics concerning belief retention is extracted from Frege. It is shown that it can help us solve the case of Rip Van Winkle who has slept for twenty years and woke up thinking he slept for only one day, which David Kaplan found insoluble.


Having earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Vojislav Bozičković had full-time lecturing positions at The University of Tasmania and Macquarie University and is currently professor of philosophy at the University of Belgrade. He is the author of Demonstrative Sense (1995). His recent publications have appeared in Philosophical Psychology and in The Blackwell Companion to Schopenhauer.

ISBN 978-86-447-86563-8