A View on Britain

Светлана Р. Стојић

Година издања: 2011 .
Формат (цм): 24 цм
Број страна: 167

The book A View on Britain offers a brief introduction to the UK, its people and institutions. Although the main focus is on contemporary Britain, some historical highlights are also provided with the aim of explaining certain social shifts and political and cultural changes. It is hoped that the book will allow its readers to develop their own response to this remarkable country and encourage them to read further.


Dr Svetlana Stojić’s A View on Britain is a highly informative introduction to British society and culture. Starting with a description of the four main national entities that make up Great Britain, Dr Stojić leads her readers, from the outset, towards an understanding of the country as the home of several consciously distinct traditions that have, nonetheless, influenced each other at so many levels that they cannot properly be understood in isolation. The focus of A View on Britain is historical, however, only in so far as this serves to elucidate the forces which have made modern Britain what it is today.

From the review by Charles Robertson


Svetlana R. Stojić teaches English and British Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her more recent books include English for Second-Year Students of Philosophy and Sociology and English Grammar Exercises for Undergraduates.

ISBN 978-86-86563-90-3