Psychology – Doctoral Degree 2014
Family dysfunction and family therapy
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 2
ECTS Credits Allocated: 10.00
Pre-requisites: General psychopathology, general psychopathology - a special part. Psychology of the family, Modalities of psychotherapy with practicums - Family Therapy

Course objectives: Consideration of normality and pathology from different perspectives and different ways of family psychotherapy - from the treatment of family pathology to the stimulation of domestic health.

Course description: Family normality and pathology from the social, historical, structural, cultural and developmental perspectives. Functional and dysfunctional familiy in different schools of family therapy, models of research in clinical practice. Specific goals and strategies of intervention in family therapy of difficult divorce, family secrets and traumatic loss.

Learning Outcomes: Advanced knowledge and understanding of functional and dysfunctional family processes and objectives and strategies of family therapy, various forms of dysfunction.

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