Classics – Master’s Degree 2009
Latin stylistics (M.A)
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 1
ECTS Credits Allocated: 6.00
Pre-requisites: Student must finish grad. studies and choose Latin linguistics for M.A. studies.

Course objectives: Student gets acquainted with lingual and stylistic features of certain writers and literary types and also with different lingual varieties in the development of Latin language.

Course description: Dealing with stylistic features of literary works; Greek literary types and transfer of their features to Roman literature (Plautus, Cicero, Silver Latin period, New sophistic); Bilingualism, translation of Greek terms as an impulse for the development of Latin lexicography; Rhetoric as basis of Latin literacy; Laws of sentence rhythm and stylistic figure as obligatory elements of Latin prose; Greek metrics in Roman poetry; Depend on final thesis topic, students will deal with certain areas more intensively and with others less detail.

Learning Outcomes: Being able to make a difference between stylistic characteristics of certain Latin writers; Application of acquired knowledge in diploma thesis.

  • Russel and Winterbottom, Ancient Literary Criticism Oxford 1972. H. Lausberg, Handbuch der literarischen Rhetorik,Munchen 1960. Ostala literatura u zavisnosti od izbora teme za završni rad.