Етнологија и антропологија


*ГОСТУЈУЋЕ ПРЕДАВАЊЕ «ЏЕЗ ДИПЛОМАТИЈА»* Центар за америчке студије вас позива на предавање ”Џез дипломатија: амерички разговори са светом, и са собом” које ће одржати проф. James Ketterer (професор Бард колеџа у Њујорку и декан Америчког универзитета у Каиру). Предавање ће бити одржано у четвртак 26. септембра u 11h у сали 108. *О предавању: * As part of its cultural diplomacy programs, the US Government has used jazz - the quintessential American art form - as a way to connect to audiences around the world. The musical form of jazz is consistent with the highest ideals of American democracy and inclusion. But the reality of life in America is more complex and contested, and when performers such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie traveled on State Department tours, they found ways to present a much more nuanced view of the US. And as they traveled they heard new music and experienced new cultures, which led to new musical expressions back in the U.S. This talk discusses the role of the arts in diplomacy, the ways public diplomacy can avoid being propaganda, and the two-way nature of effective public diplomacy. *О предавачу: * https://www.uscpublicdiplomacy.org/users/james_ketterer