Institute of Art History - Collections


For over 40 years, ever since its formation, the Institute of Art History has started systematically collecting documentation on Serbian Medieval Art and the Serbian Art of New Age while classifying it within photo, plans (map), and graphic data. Today, the Institute’s documentation represents a major database for the entire Balkan region.

The Bibliography of Serbian Art is a card based data, and contains about 100,000 unit information on texts published before 1900. The Dictionary of Serbian Monuments contains over 5,000 cards and the Dictionary of Serbian Artists around 2,500.

At present, the Photographs collection (Fototeka) contains about 15,000 negatives. The primary focus is on collecting visual information on monuments and other related topics that have been researched within the Institute’s projects concerning almost every dimension of art (Architecture, Painting, Applied Arts, etc). The documentation is related to the monuments from Ancient Times up to the 21th century, and from Palestine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, to France and Spain, while the major attention is on monumental heritage of Serbia and the republics of former Yugoslavia, particularly Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.