Centre for Theory of History - Activities and Goals


The Centre’s mission focuses on several crucial aspects which form the basis for theoretical thinking on history. In this sense, the Centre:

  • raises the historian’s methodological culture by addressing in theoretical terms the founding tenets of their craft (historical time and historian’s time; historical sources; the problem of interpretation; narration etc.);
  • endorses research in the epistemology of history (historical truth, objectivity, causality, determinism, relativism etc.);
  • promotes the pursuit of a theoretically sound history of historiography, an indispensable intellectual discipline which allows for inner dialogue with a certain historiographic tradition;
  • fosters the study of the complex relationship between history and memory by analysing cultures of remembrance, lieux de mémoire, the processes of remembering and forgetting, etc.

The Centre’s efforts are concentrated primarily on:

  • keeping up with current developments in historiography, with special emphasis on theoretical perspectives;
  • reviewing and translating major works of recent scholarship pertaining to the field of theory of history;
  • designing study programmes which focus on particular theoretical issues;
  • organising research seminars and scholarly conferences;
  • establishing professional ties with relevant international associations dedicated to the promotion of historical theory (International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography, International Network for Theory of History etc.).