Master Programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia 2013
Arts Subject Didactics
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 2
ECTS Credits Allocated: 6.00

Course objectives: Development of teacher competences for planning, organising, and carrying out teaching of art subjects, and for the monitoring and assessment of the effects of teaching and learning.

Course description: Theoretical instruction The specific characteristics of art subjects; art subjects in the education system and as part of the vocational specialization. The aims and objectives of art subjects teaching. Basic and distinctive characteristics of development of the development of artistic expression in children and young people. Art subjects curricula and syllabi. The specific features of programming and teaching preparation for art subjects – macroprogramming and microprogramming (global and operational plans, written class preparation). The specific characteristics of teaching principles, learning spaces and teaching tools and resources, forms and methods of art subjects teaching. Didactic and methodological requirements for the selection and use of learning spaces and teaching technology in art subjects teaching. Themes for stimulating artistic creativity. Multimediality and the importance of using ICT. Art classroom equipment and interior design. Recording procedures, the specific charcteristics of art product assessment, and knowledge tests in arts subjects. Extracurricular activities. The introduction of methodological innovations into teaching. Practical instruction Computer skills (preparing PowerPoint presentations), classroom observations, planning (writing class preparations) and teaching, knowledge test design and assessment, writing a seminar paper.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: - independently plan art subjects teaching in accordance with the curriculum, syllabus and the achievement/competency standards of the vocational specialization, and according to students' prior knowledge and abilities - use various teaching tools, resources and ICT, select teaching methods and tools best suited to particular lesson content, and use these methods, tools and ICT to ensure efficient and effective learning

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