Master Programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia 2013
Teaching practice in school 1
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 1
ECTS Credits Allocated: 4.00

Course objectives: Enabling students to gain deeper insights into the complexity of teachers' responsibilities and roles by participating in school activities, and become better acquainted with the functioning of the school as a system, with the roles of all school staff and with the importance of school documents, laws and regulations for the work of schools and teachers; stimulating the development of students' professional identity.

Course description: Acquainting students with the competences of various school bodies, the school staffing structure, annual school work plans; acquainting students with legislative and normative acts, documents and strategies in the field of education; Acquainting students with the procedures and schedules of educational quality monitoring and evaluation at school level; Analysis of teacher roles and responsibilities in the school; Interviewing a teacher on individual differences among learners; Classroom observation.

Learning Outcomes: After completing school practice, students will: - be able to identify and explain the teacher's different roles and responsibilities in the school - recognize the importance of collaboration between all actors in the school, as well as collaboration between the school and various stakeholders; improve their communicative and collaborative competences