Master Programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia 2013
Interactive Teaching
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 1
ECTS Credits Allocated: 4.00

Course objectives: Understanding basic notions and theories relevant for designing contemporary teaching curricula; enabling students to plan, carry out and evaluate interactive teaching

Course description: Theoretical instruction Designing contemporary teaching - key aspects: knowledge about learning, the demands of modern education and the functions of teaching, pedagogical responses to differences and school failure. Planning and carrying out interactive teaching: Interactive teaching principles (learners` activity, experience-based learning/teaching, the importance of motivation and the atmosphere of mutual respect, individualization and differentiation in teaching, learning through cooperation). The components of teaching - planning, carrying out, monitoring and supporting - and their interconnectedness). Factors in planning teaching (learners, objectives, content, learning outcomes, social context). Relationship between outcomes, content and teaching methods. Teaching strategies, methods, techniques and organization as teaching/learning and communication frameworks. Criteria for the choice of teaching methods and techniques. Types of activities: warm-up, introductory, main, wrap-up. Articulation of class activities: from evocation to reflection. Challenges in planning and carrying out interactive teaching practice. The role of the teacher in interactive teaching: teacher as a planner, facilitator and mediator...

Learning Outcomes: Students should be able to: • explain theories and embrace interactive teaching as a response to the demands of modern education • plan and use methods and techniques of interactive teaching • explain the basics, principles and effects of cooperative learning • plan group work and encourage and facilitate group interaction • work in teams and undertake responsibility for the teaching process

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