Psychology – Bachelor’s Degree 2014
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 2
ECTS Credits Allocated: 3.00
Pre-requisites: Knowledge obtained in high school is enogh for attending the course. Knowledge about statistics and neurobiology is useful.

Course objectives: 1. Acquiring knowlegde abut the mechanisms of inheritance, organisation and function of genes 2. Understanding the role of genes in shaping human behavior. 3. Understanding the relation between biological and cultural evolution.

Course description: 1. Basic principles of inheritance. 2. Poligenic inheritance. 3. Behavior of genes in populations. 4. Organization of genetic material. 5. Role of genes in behavior (nature versus nurture, methods of identifying genes important for behavior, genetic causes of cognitive abilities variation, genetic basis of cognitive disorders and psychiatric disorders). 6. Genes in evolution (genetic differences between human and primates, genetic differences between modern humans, evolution of specific human traits, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology). There is no practical part on this course.

Learning Outcomes: Understanding the genetic basis involved in shaping various forms of human behavior.

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