Psychology – Bachelor’s Degree 2014
Fundamentals of Psychotherapy and Counseling
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 3
Recommended Semester: 6
ECTS Credits Allocated: 4.00
Pre-requisites: Psychology and Mental Health. Introduction to Clinical Psychology. General Psychopathology.

Course objectives: Acquiring basic knowledge and skills as well as development of professional interest in the field of psychotherapy and counseling, that are to be further deepened through advanced courses.

Course description: Introduction to the forms of psychological help (psychotherapy, counselling, psychological interventions) in the historical and socio-cultural context, their elements (client, problem, therapist, therapeutic relationship, process and change); current theoretical and practical issues in psychotherapy (resilience, eclectics and integration, research in psychotherapy, reaches and critique of psychotherapy, ethical and legal issues in psychotherapy, education and professional development of the therapist, risks and gratifications of the profession) as well as specific features of psychotherapy and counselling with children, youth and families.

Learning Outcomes: Mastering basic knowledge and skills needed for providing professional psychological help and support as well as the ability to link acquired knowledge with the personal experience. Building professional attitudes and values in the filed of psychotherapy and counseling.

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