Psychology – Bachelor’s Degree 2009
Introduction to Work Psychology
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 3
Recommended Semester: 5
ECTS Credits Allocated: 5.00
Pre-requisites: Students have passed the compulsory exams from the first four semesters, as defined by the study programme.

Course objectives: Introduction to basic issues, dominant theoretical and research approaches in the field of work psychology.

Course description: Overview of basic psychological issues in the domain of work: types and character of work, personality and job efficiency, personnel selection, work adaptation, job satisfaction, performance evaluation, training, work motivation, fatigue, stress and workplace safety. Types and character of work, fatigue, risk assessment at work, the application of work psychology to particular areas.

Learning Outcomes: Student has gained insight into basic theoretical and practical issues of work psychology, the methods of their examination and designing interventions in organization, as well as opportunities for and ways of engagement of a psychologist in the field of work psychology.

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