Psychology – Bachelor’s Degree 2014
British Cultural Studies
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 4
Recommended Semester: 7
ECTS Credits Allocated: 3.00
Pre-requisites: Prerequisites: The course can be attended by students of the Faculty of Philosophy who have passed English language 1 and English language 2 exams with mark 8 (eight) or higher, respectively.

Course objectives: Course objectives: Students are acquainted with a specific cultural context necessary not only for the use of language and development of communicative competence, but also for the development of research and critical skills needed for interdisciplinary and comparative studies.

Course description: Course content: a multidisciplinary study of contemporary British culture. In this context, the concept of culture is defined, in the broadest sense, as “the whole way of life of a people”.

Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes: Using a critical and analytical approach, students are able to interpret cultural life in contemporary Britain, comparing it with their own, and to present their findings either in an oral presentation or in an essay.

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