Psychology – Master’s Degree 2009
The practice on work psychology module
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 1
ECTS Credits Allocated: 4.00
Pre-requisites: Completed undergraduate studies

Course objectives: The goal of practice is the modeling and practicing of the professional role of psychologists as scientist-practitioners, the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge, learning about practical procedures and carrying out practical work under supervision.

Course description: The practice is done in an organization with a full-time psychologist who deals with problems of psychology of work, is a member of the Association of Psychologists of Serbia and has passed the professional examination in the field of psychology. Content of model: needs analysis, identifying problem and designing a project to solve it (areas: the individual, work, organization, market); selection and / or development of the instruments (eg making of a profile of competencies, design of a centralized assessment of candidates, creating a questionnaire, scale construction, constriction of the knowledge test), Data collection and preparation of the report - the application (infliction, processing and interpretation) of ability tests, personality assessment instruments, conduct and interpretation of selection interviews, centralized assessment of candidates, the poll; design and implementation of interventions,providing advice to help in decision making and problem solving; preparation and analysis of evaluation. Skills development is based on explanatory theory, theory of techniques and methodology.

Learning Outcomes: After the practice, Master students will be trained for practical work in various organizations in the role of psychologists of work.