Psychology – Bachelor’s Degree 2014
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 3
Recommended Semester: 5
ECTS Credits Allocated: 4.00
Pre-requisites: There are no prerequisites.

Course objectives: Acquiring knowledge about the subject, development and objectives of clinical psychology as a scientific discipline as well as a profession; reviewing the scope and limitations of applying concepts and methods of clinical psychology in different areas as well as of professional and ethical principles.

Course description: : Theoretical instruction: 1. The character, subject, objectives and methods of clinical psychology 2. Roots, development and future 3. The theoretical models-approaches in clinical psychology (paradigms) 4. Clinical psychology service users - characteristics, type of relationship and interaction: individuals, couples, small groups (families) and communities 5. Areas of application and special disciplines 6. Research in clinical psychology (general issues) 7. Clinical psychology as a profession 7. Ethical issues in clinical psychology. Practical instruction: practical classes, other forms of instruction, course research work, Clinical psychology as a profession - applying theoretical and methodical paradigms to different contexts and different issues.

Learning Outcomes: A critical approach to the current foundations of the discipline; openness to re-examination and application of different paradigms; skills of applying acquired knowledge to studying individual cases, a general framework for clinical courses that follow.

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