Psychology – Bachelor’s Degree 2009
Sociology of Everyday Life
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 2
Recommended Semester: 4
ECTS Credits Allocated: 3.00
Pre-requisites: Any introductory course completed in social, sociological, or cultural theory

Course objectives: The course aims at developing in students an appreciation for the significance of everyday life as an area of sociological investigation; presenting the multiplicity of theoretical and research approaches to the everyday developed of the past decades in sociology and related disciplines

Course description: Course contents is organized in four blocks: 1) everyday life, sociology and (post)modernity; sociology's view of the everyday, in the past and nowadays; theories and methodologies specifically aimed at researching everyday life; 2) particular topics of sociology of the everyday: time, space, the body, privacy, identity, family; 3) everyday culture: lifestyles, popular culture, everyday creativity; 4) everyday aspects of "transition": ruptures and continuities in everyday life of societies undergoing profound structural change. The practical segment of the course concerns application of various approaches developed within the sociologies of everyday life to real social situations, while developing sociological imagination.

Learning Outcomes: Improved sociological perception of everyday phenomena, familiarity with the range of sociological approaches that could serve as the basis for their exploration, selection and application of the most appropriate one.

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