Pedagogy – Doctoral Degree 2014
Philosophical Logic and Knowledge
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 2
ECTS Credits Allocated: 10.00
Pre-requisites: None.

Course objectives: The aim of the course is to point out the connection between philosophical logic and epistemology, and in particular to highlight the relationship between the formal requirements of good reasoning and inferential structures of cognitive processes.

Course description: Problems of philosophical logic that are relevant to understanding the nature of human knowledge will be discussed. Especially important is the problem of meaning of logical connectives and the question of whether inferential explanation of their meaning can be generalized to ordinary language. Also, epistemological issues that are important for understanding the nature of the rules of deduction will be discussed. Directly relevant to this is the question of whether, in addition to everything said, there are other forms of knowledge, such as "knowing how". It is shown that the acceptance of differences between the logic of justification and logic of discovery and understanding of their relationship depend on the viewpoint that is taken regarding issues mentioned above.

Learning Outcomes: It is expected that students succesfully deal with an existing program and that will be able to independently deal with given issues.

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