Pedagogy – Doctoral Degree 2009
Problems in Higher Education Teaching
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 2
Recommended Semester: 3
ECTS Credits Allocated: 10.00
Pre-requisites: /

Course objectives: Understanding the particularity of teaching in higher education from the angle of different theoretical and conceptual preferences and training to spot and individually research the higher education teaching problems.

Course description: Theoretical course: 1. The characteristics of teaching process in higher educational context: Cognition as learning, teaching, studying. The roles of university (academic) teachers: responsibilities towards the development of scientific discipline, students, personal development, surroundings. 2. Planning and evaluation of higher education teaching: Orientations in selecting the teaching goals. Contents of education and different types of knowledge. Interconnection of organization ways, principles, strategies of education and teaching methods (subjects and courses, lectures and practice, mentorship and student individual work, student research, practicum, “service learning“, the particularities of the most commonly used teaching methods, distance education). Evaluation as a part of an educational programme. Evaluation in the function of improvement in the quality and reforms of academic teaching. Bologna process: starting points and critical analysis of the process. Practical course: Planning and realization of higher school teaching research problems, presentation of results and suggestions for practice altering.

Learning Outcomes: Student: understands the particularities of teaching in higher educational context and the meaning of different conceptual solutions to higher education teaching; recognizes the higher education teaching problems and deals with them in a research manner; knows how to plan the evaluation of higher education teaching.

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