Pedagogy – Doctoral Degree 2009
Teaching in Social-Cultural Context
Status: optional
Recommended Year of Study: 2
Recommended Semester: 4
ECTS Credits Allocated: 10.00
Pre-requisites: none

Course objectives: Training students for studying the teaching and its phenomena in given social-cultural context with integration of the relevant knowledge in the field of social constructivism, studies of culture, studies of programmes and studies of literacy.

Course description: Teaching in a social-cultural context – network of influences in interaction. Educational practice as a form of social practice. Social-constructivist model of learning and teaching. Teaching as a semiotic apprenticeship. Practitioner’s speech about teaching: educational discourse and development of educational practice. Teaching method as an expression of mutual understanding of participants’ intentions in teaching. Knowledge as a co-construction. Educational content and development of students’ identity. Development of abilities in teaching from the cultural perspective. Tendencies in curriculum development: the relation between school learning and creativity. Skills and competences – developmental implications. Current projects about teaching – analysis of theoretical outcomes and possible applicability.

Learning Outcomes: Student is familiar with the history of changes in the meanings of basic didactic concepts; knows to use them in contextual studying of teaching; understands the social-constructivist model of learning and teaching; is familiar with the current teaching and educational projects.

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