Classics – Master’s Degree 2014
Final thesis
Status: compulsory
Recommended Year of Study: 1
Recommended Semester: 2
ECTS Credits Allocated: 20.00
Pre-requisites: Finished 1st semester of M.A. studies.

Course objectives: The objective of this thesis on M.A. studies is for student to show a higher level of knowledge in certain area of classical studies, the ability to use relevant literature, to select material he needs, to organize it and also watch presentations.

Course description: Final thesis in M.A. of classical philology can have as its topic some in the field of linguistics, antic literature, the reception of antic literature in Serbian or world literature, may be also of interdisciplinary type. In the introduction student presents a subject of his research, in the core he presents the results on the material he chose; thesis must have a closing chapter in which student presents us with new facts he came up to. The thesis ends up with full list of references.

Learning Outcomes: Student is enabled to do further scientific research, to widen his knowledge and to pass it on other students, especially in gymnasiums of philology. Depend on topic, he may work in the museum, scientific institutes, in publishing etc.